Fire Safety Measures for an Event

If you are on look out for ” Fire Safety Tips ” you have reached the right place.

One of the most destructive amongst all the elements of nature is fire. Everyone knows it, reads about it, fears it but yet most of the times we tend to overlook it. Say for example, I think we can actually count the number of homes that actually have a fire extinguisher at home, in the kitchen. Most offices in mega cities are crowded into cramped buildings that have fire safety as the least priority, with sometimes disastrous results.

Fire Safety Tips

As event managers, we are a community, responsible for the safety of our guests at an event. This responsibility cuts across all categories of events and across all sections of events. There will be no point in crying after the milk is spilt.

Some Fire Safety Tips to ensure fire safety would be the following:

Fire Safety Tips 1: Include fire extinguishers availability at the stage area – both front stage and back stage.
Fire Safety Tips 2: Recheck all electrical cabling / wiring for proper insulation especially if the cables run on the ground.
Fire Safety Tips 3: Ensure that fireworks displays are held at a distance from the audience.
Fire Safety Tips 4: Keep a portable extinguisher at the Sound Pit or Light control area.
Fire Safety Tips 5: If it is a picnic or an outdoor gathering for a small group, ensure that the venue has some fire fighting equipment in hand.
Fire Safety Tips 6: For large scale events, it is wise to engage the services of the local Fire Department with a few fire tenders parked at a separate location, close to the event area.

Additional Event Management Tips

In addition to the above mentioned points, it is important to include this in the checklist for the event. Many a time, there have been instances where the checklist contains all the elements except the aspects of fire safety. Having said that, it must also be acknowledged that there are some event managers to do take genuine care on this aspect. What is worrisome is that the vast plethora of “event managers” and other so called “quick buck” operators overlook this and give the entire industry a bad name. A mindset of “it cant happen to us” is self defeating to an event organization.

Event managers must bear in mind that under the provisions of the Law, any accident of this nature at an event will put the event manager in a position of liability. When the event manager undertakes to execute an event, it is understood that safety measures will be the responsibility of the event manager. It becomes very difficult to extricate oneself from such a liability during an incident and extreme criminal proceedings can be brought to bear on the event manager in case of death.

The cost of an average size fire extinguisher would be about Rs. 2500.. but the returns in client goodwill and faith in operational matters is priceless. Therefore respect fire and know fire safety tips.

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